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Golden Grove Future

The Golden Grove Trust has developed ambitious plans to restore the house to its former glory and turn it into a institute for international artists. The galleries will host world class travelling exhibitions of modern art which will put the Tywi valley on the global map as a key location for the art world.

Luke Eldridge wire art. The Commons Getty Collection Galleries

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The Arboretum (Sara Fox 2015)

Golden Grove Now

After years of underinvestment and neglect Golden Grove is now about to undergo a transformation. The Golden Grove Trust has been successful in attracting funding from Visit Wales in order to restore and reopen its beloved deer park, arboretum and gardens to the public once again. In addition new interpretation rooms will tell the fascinating story of the estate and visitors will be able to relax in the stylish tea rooms after working up a healthy appetite after exploring the many lovely walks in the grounds.

Golden Grove 1848 (courtesy of Tom Lloyd)

Golden Grove History

The Golden Grove Estate near Llandeilo in Carmarthenshire was the largest and most important estate in South West Wales. At its peak, it totalled 50,000 acres which included five castles and 12 manors. Its parkland is a palimpsest of over half a millennium of careful estate management, embodying various sea changes in landscape and architectural design as well as the personal aspirations and interests of its owners the Vaughans and the Cawdors, two of the most influential
and colourful families in the county during the past 500 years.